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The Outlet

If you would like to advertise on our site, please send us an email with the following information:

1. Your details: name / address / country / telephone / fax / email address. gender / age / Christian testimony (100 words max. please).

2. The book: title / fiction / non-fiction / genre / pages (word count)

3. Brief (back cover) synopsis (100 words max. please)

4. Publishing details: year / paper back / professionally printed & stapled home printed & stapled / other please describe

5. The price at which you wish to sell which will include postage.

With a new website we have no idea of the demand, but would hope to at least acknowledge your email in 7 days. Conditions will apply, please read below for details. At present this is not an automated service, but it is hoped in future to have a form for you to complete with the details as they will appear on this site.



Please do not send us any literature which doesn't fulfill our Mission Statement.

We reserve the right decide which books are put on the site. Although it is impossible to read every book and we take no responsibility for content or literacy. Feedback from readers will be appreciated.

To put your book on this site there is a small administration fee of £10.00 per book, per year.