Intrigued by the letter you read it several times.  As you consume your simple, but delicious lunch you think about the invisible author.  Replete, you sit back and rock gently in the chair to imbibe the peaceful scene.  The lavish green of the grassy plain is bordered by the huge trees of the property and the sheds seem to meld into their surroundings.  Nearer to the veranda clumps of longer grass are infused with colourful flowers that have a delicate fragrance that wafts in the air.  Your hand runs along the smooth planes of the rocking chair, as the sun lowers in the sky.  Its golden glow, reveals the same rich teak wood on the veranda as inside the cottage. You stand to  closely examine the beautifully carved balustrade around it.

A longing to meet the carpenter has you strolling again around the area. You enter the little picket gate into the kitchen garden and examine the growing contents. Large luscious strawberries bring a desire to eat a few.  You look around, would the carpenter mind?  In the distance you hear the donkey’s heehaw.  You hesitate, but as it continues you realise it sounds like “have them, have them.”  By coincidence the heehawing stops as you bend to pick a few.  Due to their succulence you eat more than intended.  Juice is dripping off your chin before you stand again.  You look down expecting to see a row of empty plants, but if it were possible the crop seems to have multiplied.

You questioned inwardly, ‘Where am I?’ On the gentle breeze there seems a whispered answer, ‘Visiting my dwelling place’.

The Lord says, “I will be still and I will look on from my dwelling place, like clear and glowing heat in sunshine, like a fine cloud of mist in the heat of harvest.”  Isaiah 18:4 (AMP Classic)

Where do you find your sense of peace and rest?


Episode 12