The events of last night, and that mantle of peace, are still with you when you awake.  Despite the lack of meeting the carpenter and the unknown cook, you have not felt lonely, or alone.  After another hearty breakfast and thinking of the day ahead, the donkey trots up saddled as if ready to go.  He stands by the steps, looks in your direction and makes his now familiar heehaw.  Your taxi has it seems arrived, indicating your stay is over.   You pack your belongings while considering the donkey who has to bear the burden of your weight.   After closing the flap of your rucksack, you rush around tidying the cottage ready for another traveller who might pass this way.

On the dresser is a sculptured miniature wine glass similar to the one you saw yesterday.  Why hadn’t you noticed it before?  You lift and examine the delicate carving and pick up the business card under it.  You read: J Carpenter, The Woodcutters Cottage, Bethel Green, Kings Wood.  You turn it over.  In the same hand as yesterday’s letter is written your name and the message, “Please take this cup in remembrance of your visit.”  Signed, J Carpenter.”

The donkey’s continual heehawing indicates it’s time to leave.  You look at your rucksack and the sculpture in your hand.  In haste you thrust it, and the card, in your pocket. You decide to leave your rucksack behind, and trust that as you continue the journey, whatever you need will be provided.  You have nothing to give Mr Carpenter and the unknown cook, but hastily scribble them a note of thanks on the back of the envelope in which your letter came in.

The Lord says,  “…God again set a certain day, calling it ‘Today’. “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Hebrews 4:7 (TPT)

Is your heart ready to receive great understanding?

Episode 14 – Day 3