Descending into the valley the donkey takes you on a well-worn footpath by the bubbling spring of water.  This meanders over smooth stones on its way far beyond the habitations along its banks.  With a growing affection for the donkey you guess he’d probably appreciate a drink.  You gently pull the loose reins.  He acknowledges that by stopping at a flat rock.  Once you have slid off his back he shows pleasure of being released by shaking his body.  From your pocket you take the apple, pat his neck and open up your hand before him.  His eyes reflect his surprise, his mouth nuzzles your hand before accepting it.   Your weight has gone from his back, but as he munches he stares at you as if weighing you up.  If asked, you would say you were a good person.  Oddly, you hope the donkey sees you that way.

Did you speak your thoughts aloud?  For immediately the donkey prances around you in a way akin to a dance.  The cliffs’ echoing his heehaws brings the sound of many laughing.  It is infectious, the scene is comical, the situation hilarious, you sit on the brook’s bank and curl up in unbridled mirth.

Once your mirth abates you kneel to gather water in your hands and then remember the little wooden cup in your pocket.  As you take it out the donkey gives you an inquisitive look and watches as you dip it into the water.  On seeing you drink he puts down his head and does the same.  That act together brings a sense of communion.  The wood of the cup seems to tinge the water’s taste.  You fill it a dozen times.  Each time the water’s coldness brings a burst of fruit flavour in your mouth.

“You provide drink for every living thing; men and beasts have their thirst quenched because of you.”  Psalms 104:11 (TPT)

Communication comes in many forms, how do you relate to others?

Episode 17