The clattering of the donkey’s hooves on the cobbles bring an echo of a dozen passing through.  Once out of the square, he chooses to walk up the incline on the rough grass, not the worn steps.  As you head towards the church the growing volume of the organ brings you a sense of unease.  You are beginning to feel as if you are in the midst of an historical drama.  Suddenly there is silence, that in itself brings apprehension – your fingers tighten around the loose reins.

Ahead is a lych gate and beyond a path leads through a large grassy area to the church’s heavy wooden doors.  You reach the gate at the same moment the organ again bursts forth.  Its loud chords cause you to jump.  The donkey turns his head in surprise.  You reassuringly pat his neck.  Rising up alongside the music comes the harmonising of many voices singing a hymn you vaguely recognise.  Caught up by such an amazing sound you draw on the donkey’s reins to halt him.   It’s an odd time for a church service?  The singing ends on joyful refrain.  Immediately peeling bells rend the air.  The organ changes tone and this tune you recognise – The Wedding March.

Interested, but not wanting to be in the way of the bride, groom and guests, you chivvy the donkey further along the path to a position where you can watch over the wall.  The church’s doors open, two men appear and stand by them.  You wait expectantly.

“You who ride on prize donkeys comfortably mounted on blankets.  And you who walk down the roads, ponder, attend! …listen to them sing.,  Judges 5:10 (TPT)

What is there in your life that lifts your spirit?


Episode 19