How unusual!  At a wedding it is usually the bride and groom who first appear, but here the congregation is pouring out into the grassy area between the church and the wall.  The area quickly fills to become a tightly knit crowd. It seems incredible that such a small building could hold so many.  Sitting on the donkey brings enough height to peer past the backs of heads. On the opposite side of the path, in the shimmering sunlight you realise there are people from every nation whose countenances’ seem to glow.

From the midst of the multitude a voice sings out above the excited chattering crowd.  The song is taken up in twos, threes, and groups.  As one set of voices fades another begins.  The pitch changes when only men or women join in.  Different beats cause the rhythm to ebb and flow bringing the sense of a refreshing shower.  It draws you in.  Unable to grasp the words, you listen carefully and discover it is a meld of languages blending into the beautiful harmonies.  You guess it’s a form of worship.

The donkey, as mesmerised as you, has been gradually edging along the wall towards the lych gate.  You don’t stop him, but don’t want to be in the way when the bride and groom exit.  Only then you realise the joyous crowd is not expecting a departure from the church, but beginning to look towards the lych gate as if expecting an arrival. Your position, at the top of the slope into the village square, tells you the roads leading to and from it are empty.

“This testimony of faith is what previous generations were commended for.” Hebrews 11:2  (TPT)

Have people of different generations positively impacted your life?

Episode 20