The donkey’s pace expresses his despondency.  You pat his neck, his head turns and there is sadness in his eyes.  Ridiculously you comment, “I expect you are disappointed we didn’t join in.”  And equally, absurd when his head nods several times you apologise!   However, that odd communication has revitalises his step for the clatter of his hooves increases.  Pleased, and knowing he likes to be your guide you shake the reins to acknowledge he can lead you on.

From the square he turns down a street between attractive terraced cottages where residents have filled window boxes and tubs with bright flowers.  The road quickly widens to your left.  The cottages continue and a path separates them from a natural pond where ducks splash and squabble in the water, while long white necked swans swim serenely by.  Beyond that is a line of weeping willows and as the cottages end the road goes over a humped back stone bridge.

In a need to ponder recent events you consider taking a walk.  The thought has barely left you when the donkey stops at the stone step of a front door.  You jump off and stroll towards the weeping willows.  Outside the last cottage there is one of those ‘help yourself’ boxes.  You take a big juicy peach for yourself, and a couple of apples for the donkey who is now drinking at the river.  Your eyes widen with delight and guessing today the baker over baked, you choose a pasty, and after a brief guilt trip the large cream filled choux bun topped with melted chocolate.  You join the donkey who munches his apples as you enjoy your feast.  When finished he gives you an affectionate nuzzle which turns into a push – its time to move on.

“Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places…”  Psalm 16:6 (TPT)

Companionship comes in many ways.

Episode 23