From the bridge the street soon turns into a rough road with few cottages near it. No longer fettered by buildings the donkey goes from trot to canter. Tears begin to spill from your eyes as unexpected sorrow takes a hold of you.  In clinging on to the donkey it is impossible to wipe them away.  A warm wind springs up across your face to dry them. Once that passes joy springs up with an expectation and exhilaration at the speed of the ride.  Over hills and down dales, the landscape changes until as far as the eyes can see is fields with dry stone wall boundaries.

In a short time, you have travelled miles.  In slowing to a trot, you guess the donkey is tiring.  The sun has gone down, the sky growing darker. A cold wind brings you to shiver and worryingly it looks like rain.  On a hill, a dog is hustling sheep into a pack and leads them out of sight.  In three days, you have come to trust a donkey, see beyond what you need provided, but with no visible habitation and a distant rumble of thunder, even if you had a tent, it wouldn’t suffice tonight!

Darkness envelopes you, the wind is in your face.  Just as you despair there’s a pinpoint of light. The donkey heads for it. You strain your eyes to see more.  You are within yards of the light before you see a window in the wall!  At least it’s a shelter as in the shadows is a door, it’s top half open.  A delicious smell of roasting lamb wafts in the air.  Large blobs of rain begin to fall.  The donkey lets you off on the doorstep, and quickly disappears into the darkness.

“Ecstatic joy will overwhelm them; weariness and grief will disappear!” Isaiah 35:10 (TPT)

Can you believe that all your needs will be provided?

Episode 24