Anxious to enter you push the door open and step inside.  You glance around as the wind slams it shut behind you.  The dim light of an oil lamp in the window reveals this is a stone shed.  Coats hang on hooks, underneath in a neat row are several sizes of Wellington boot.  Boxes and garden tools rest against the walls.  You shiver.  You may be out of the wind and rain, but this isn’t much of a shelter.

In the darkness a deep, gentle voice remarks, “You just made it.”  You gasp! In that same moment lightning gives you a glimpse of a man of average height and build, with curling shoulder length hair, standing in an opposite door way. Rolling crashing thunder rends the air, the wind rattles the window frame and the lamp flickers.  How did he know to expect you?  From across the shed, without raising his voice, his words penetrate the raging storm. “Do not be dismayed.  This is my dwelling place.  Here you will find peace.  Come, follow me, I have made room for you.”

Doubts assail you, but you move forward. He opens the door and what you’d call a ‘ripe’ smell, hits your nostrils.  You pretend to rub you nose as you go down a dozen steps!  An oil lamp hangs from low rafters, straw covers the floor. Sheep fill the area, with the exception of a corner where a camp bed is set up.   Are you to sleep with the animals?  He turns,  to reveal a nondescript tanned face of a man in his early thirities.  Your face must have revealed your thoughts, because his dark brown eyes fill with amusement.  And strangely you warm towards him

“The Lord is always good, and ready to receive you”. Psalms 100:5 (TPT)

Have you ever experienced hospitality in an unexpected way?

Episode 25