The bed is warm and comfortable. In a semi-conscious doze, you remember where you are.  The window must be slightly open as you hear a whistle, the baa of sheep, and Shepherd calling to his dog.  You stumble out of bed to the balustrade to see Shepherd striding down the grassy hill.  Despite the early morning haze your eyes widen.  Similar to a plane heading over a mountain, you can see the grassy slopes becoming tree lines. Between you and the far mountain the deep green valley has a narrow ribbon of river snaking its way towards a glittering sea.  As your gaze draws back from the scene, the window is slightly open and outside on a balcony table and chairs.

Finally, you head for the room below where last night at a battered table Shepherd dished up a tasty, spicy meal of lamb and rice, but said little. By the fire, in the two rocking chairs, drinking coffee, he’d asked questions, nodded at your answers, and left shortly afterwards.   In having experienced the bathroom’s ‘long drop’ style toilet, you were surprised that the shower had hot water.  That brought you to discover, behind the room’s façade, a huge tank of oil, and generator providing the electricity.

By the kettle in the kitchen is a ‘help yourself’ note and next to it a large tin.  Inside is a six portion, round scone and a pot of butter.  From the shelf you take down a cup and plate, in the same china as Mr Carpenter.   Tea made, you head outside with the tin, plate and knife.  One bite of the scone tells you they are full of cheese and bacon, an appetising-all-in one breakfast, and hungry you eat them all.

“…in quietness, and trusting confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15 (AMP Classic)

What helps you to be confident?

Episode 27 – Day 4