Heehaw nudges you – time to leave.  He canters faster than Sausage through woodlands and over hills.  You barely see the scenery lying against his neck trying not to fall off.  Finally, he slows to negotiate a zig zag path. Below fields of varying colours is a tree-lined beach.  You mutter, “This can’t be the right way.” Heehaw pauses, nods twice and continues. Jesse’s words ‘a donkey will make a way’, comes to mind. You hope he’s right! Not only does it look as if you have crossed a headland, but trotting through the fields confirms it’s now a time of harvest. The sun disappears as a blob into the sea.  As you approach the trees you see iron gates and assume Heehaw will trot around the perimeter.  The gates open a horse and cart leaves loaded with boxes of oranges and lemons. The man driving doffs his cap as he passes and states, “They are expecting you.”

Heehaw picks his way through fallen olives while you take in the unusual two storey brick building with a clock tower.  Once out of the trees many rows of vines slope down to the sea. Within a minute Heehaw’s hooves click on the courtyard stones leading to the front of the building that overlooks them.

In the fading light a voice calls, “Welcome, do come in.”  A portly man with round, shining face declares, “You must rest after a traumatic and long day. We’ll talk tomorrow.” You glance around as he leads through a reception area, large dimly lit cellar, up a wooden staircase into a Victorian style house.  Upstairs he opens a bedroom door saying, “I’ll send your meal up.”  Outside you can hear the sea, inside the lump on the bed reveals your rucksack has arrived.

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if that were not so would I have told you…” John 14:2 (NIV

Instead of the distraction of life can a change of scenery allow you to live in the moment?

Episode 32