A bright search light draws you to the window revealing in its beam a narrow strip of manicured lawn before the cliff edge.  Waves many feet below are crashing against huge rocks sticking out of the sea.   Under one window is a table laid for dinner and the other has a leather buttoned chair and table with a pile of books. A carved four poster bed dominates the room.  An open door reveals a dressing room leading to a modern bathroom.  You pour a large glass of wine, soak in a hot bath and consider your four days of travel. Dressed in the provided towelling gown you see the bed turned down, and an appetising smell draws you to the meal on a hot plate. You eat, finish the wine and appreciate the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in.

You awake to find the curtains are open, dirty crockery has been exchanged for clean, and wafting from the hot plate the smell of warm pastries. You jump out of bed, choose several croissants, plaster them with cream cheese and salmon, and from a thermos jug pour coffee.  And sitting back you watch the seagulls swooping and crying over the rocks below.  About to dress you notice a card by the bed, your host is inviting you to a wine tasting at 11.00 am.  To your delight in the dressing room, washed and ironed, are the contents of your rucksack

An hour early, you wander downstairs.  No-one is around, so you stroll outside.  The vines are bearing tiny grapes in huge bunches, the trees on the shoreline are full of oranges and lemons, and the fine white sand soft on your bare feet. As you walk back up, no-one is arriving. Perhaps everyone is staying at this upmarket hotel?

“Be always ready to learn more…eager to discover new truths.”  Proverbs 18:15 (TPT)

Are you open to new experiences and ways of thinking?

Episode 33