The vines, the process, and seeing thousands of bottles in a maze of cold, dark cellars was fascinating.  Back in the sunshine on the cliff top by the house you enjoy a barbeque of tender steaks and juicy lamp chops while talking to fellow guests who unlike you, seem content to stay. Havej draws people to him. “Each of you accepted an invitation. Every journey is one of faith and trust, and everyone has an opportunity of taking it. This is my table. You can stay, work in the vineyard and benefit from my provision.  Or continue into the unknown.  If you choose to stay, make yourself at home. If you choose to leave, be ready in three hours.  If you wish for your old life it can be arranged. I’d hope, having come this far, you would stay awhile.

People drift away some form small groups. Joseph calls, “Anyone want to tour the Estate?” Out of the four of the disparate forty people, only you, Mary, a young girl, and three men step forward.  It becomes obvious to you their interest is in Mary, not the tour.

Joseph takes a path between the house and olive trees, he talks of the tower and leads back into the dimly cellar where a door leads to a stone staircase going up and down.  At the top is a large room. One end the innards of the clock facing the drive, and on the other three sides a curved window where a central light rotates to shed it’s beam across the rocks. “Tonight, those who decide to leave us will see that beam from their ship.”  Inwardly you groan you have never been a good sailor.

“If you choose to follow good counsel, divine design will watch over you and understanding will protect you from making poor choices.” Proverbs 2:11 (TPT)

Who, or what, do you draw on to make your choices?


Episode 37