Joseph leads you down the stone stairs, and pass the cellar door. The stairs end in a cave and he opens a big wooden door to reveal a small valley.  Water pours down from the side of a high rock, making a narrow and fast river that drives the wheel of an old watermill grinding wheat and corn.  Joseph shows you around before returning to the caves and down the sandy slope to where the sacks of grain and flour are stored. The smell of the sea rises up as he takes you further down on to a pebble beach where the sea laps the shore.  A motor boat rests by a craggy outcrop. Joseph explains, “The nearest port is hundreds of miles away. For centuries this cove has been used to connect with ships to import and export goods.  At the men’s comments he laughs, “Believe me, we do pay our dues.  Tonight, should you choose, you will be exported.”

Joseph is organising the conveying of goods to the ship, the three men are vying for Mary’s attention, and you push back worries of tonight’s journey to focus on all you have seen.  In reception you have a pot of tea, sandwiches and a stand of cake beside you by the time the others arrive.  You try not to grimace at the men’s conversation and Mary quickly leaves.

The clock strikes six, you rush upstairs, gaze briefly out of the window at the motor boats streaking to and from the distant ship, pack your rucksack and conclude Joseph probably handcrafted your bed, and Shepherd’s sheep, the wool for the carpet.  Mary is in Reception looking worried.  She’s about to speak as two of the three men appear, she whispers, “Oh no!”  You give her a reassuring smile.

“I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you…plans for welfare and peace…to give you hope in your final outcome.”  Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP Classic)

Do other peoples’ ideas and attitudes influence you?


Episode 38