Shepherd and Carpenter call you outside. At seeing Sausage and Hewhay aka Heehaw you hug their necks, talk to them and let them lovingly nuzzle you.  Behind you the two men make snide remarks.  Joseph arrives to chivvy you, and after a hasty ‘goodbye’, you rush to follow him.

Fortunately, the sea isn’t choppy, the motor boat ride exhilarating and you are safely aboard a fishing vessel before its dark.  As Joseph leaves, you stay close to Mary knowing her discomfort.  She gives you a grateful smile.  You are shown to your tiny cabins and told, you will be up early, supper is in a box and your baggage on your bunk.  Through you see the beam of light shining on the rocks.

A fist hits your cabin door, “Rise and shine” is the order.  On deck there’s a strong smell of fish, it’s barely dawn, and a mist clings to the sea.  You and Mary are helped into the rowing boat. The two men jeer, and then jump in, the rocking causes Mary to scream.  You ignore their grumbles and are relieved to see the sheer white cliff, but at high tide it has no beach. Yet within minutes you round a jutting rock into a cove similar to Havej’s.  The boat scraping the shore draws a man standing by a fire to give bear hugs to the fishermen who have pulled the boat ashore. “Good to see you again.  Did you bring the fish?” The voice sounds familiar and you give Mary a bewildered look.  As the box of fish is lifted from the boat, you stand and strain your eyes in the dim light.  When you see the man your expression brings from him an amused chuckle.

“He has his eyes on every man and woman.  He doesn’t miss a trick. There is no night dark enough, no shadow deep enough, to hide those who do evil.  Job 34:21 (MSG)

When circumstances make you feel uncomfortable how do you react?

Episode 39 – Day 6