The man welcomes you. You help Mary across the pebbles. “I’m Simon, I deal in fishing. My father is Havej.  We work in the family business.” At that, the two men snigger.  “Come, the coals are hot ready for the fish – time for a hearty breakfast.” You eat and contemplate how Havej’s sons look the same, but like segments of a fruit, separate, yet one.  Curious you ask Simon if he has other brothers he smiles, “I have many brothers and sisters.”  He turns, points to a narrow gap in the white rock, “When you have eaten – go that way.”

You and Mary slip away into the narrow gorge. With only bushes for windbreaks you are pleased that Mary, like you, has a thick jacket.  The path ends in a cave entrance where steps are forged, and oil lamps provided.  The higher you climb a rumbling sound becomes thunderous. Waiting again for Mary, you conclude it’s a waterfall.  You encourage her to keep going.  A breeze heralds an opening. You investigate to find thousands of gallons of water flowing over a jutting rock.  The sun turns the water into a spectrum of flashing colours. The light show has you both staring in wonder.  Before putting your jacket on the floor for Mary to sit, you take out your little cup.  After giving Mary several refills the water has rejuvenated her.  The cup again has been like a fruit burst so refreshing you too feel strengthened.

The two men arrive.  One snatches your cup, the other looks malevolent. You look at Mary and indicate to move on.  Mary stands and mouths, ‘little foxes’.  You nod with understanding.  As you pick up your coat Mary screams, “Jesus”. A vicious kick to your rear pushes you into the wall.

“For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.” Psalm 1:6  (NIV)

Do you consider yourself to be righteous?

Episode 40