You have reached the end of ‘The Journey’.  Forty episodes have covered six days and on the seventh we are encouraged to rest, relax and reflect on our lives.   The story started at the dawn of a new day, and if you have enjoyed and reached this point you may wish to read on.

Selah means to pause and think of that.  Before the next series “The Steps to the Castle” you may find it will be helpful to re-read “What’s on the Menu” and “The Journey” as one story.

I see ‘The Journey’ is similar to a set menu breakfast which guided and questioned you.  ‘The Steps to the Castle’ is similar to lunch where the menu gives you options to taste and see.  We trust you will come away filled and satisfied, and wish to return the following day.  And, having sampled those delights be excited at the end of this series to attend “The Feast” where you can fully appreciate the food at the King’s table.

The story “Steps to the Castle” will continue from where “The Journey” finished.

Enjoy the seven day Selah, as we make changes to the website and prepare for the next series.

Selah – Day 7