The voice is coming closer.  As the song ends you stare between the trees in anticipation. In the sudden silence, it feels as if creation is awaiting your response. Is it you who is to come up from the wilderness?  The singer obviously believes that leaning, trusting and choosing Jesus is to be pursued. You think of your fears, and the many people who have insurmountable problems and difficulties.

You hear twigs crackling and leaves crunching. A figure is approaching.  It’s a girl with a wicker basket, her bouncy step bringing her long dark curly hair flowing around her face.  There is something about her…mesmerised you watch her approach.  Sunlight pierces through the trees spotlighting her, and a memory is switched on.   It’s Mary!  Mary who screamed ‘Jesus,’ before everything went black, and your dream, within a dream, ended.   Pleased to see her alive and well, you jump off the swing and run towards her. Her smile is of one expecting you. She puts her basket down and you nearly knock her off her feet with a bear hug.  Laughing, she steps back saying, “I hoped you would call upon God again.  He so longs to see you fully ascend His holy hill.”  At your puzzled expression she says, “Come, I have brought a picnic lunch. We will talk further.”  With two fingers in her mouth, Mary whistles. You clap your hands over your ears.

Two donkeys come cantering out of the trees causing you to exclaim, “Sausage and Heehaw” They reciprocate your delight with licks and nuzzles.  At Mary’s puzzled expression you explain you changed Hewhay’s name and he doesn’t seem to notice.  Mary sighs, “Try pronouncing their names backwards.” You frown, but surprised when both donkey’s chorus their heehaw approval. Mary’s infectious laughter is irrepressible.

Read: “ The Lord brought back the captives to Zion we were like those who dream. (it seemed so unreal) Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with singing.”  Psalm 126:1 (AMP Classic)

Speak:  It is so easy Lord to become captives of the society we live in, free me from the wilderness of confusing ideologies.  Reveal your truths to me, that I can dare to dream of a new day dawning in my life.

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