Mary standing beside you reveals your swimming is barely out of the shallows. “Well done.  Time for a nice hot cup of tea and lunch.”   You stand, shiver, she laughs, takes your hand and leads you ashore.  Within seconds the sun warms your body, and you no longer feel exhausted, more invigorated.

Nearing the veranda, you hear the whistling kettle bringing Mary to remark, “How’s that’s for perfect timing.” She hands you the wicker basket and points to the two carved rocking chairs and table on the veranda. “We’ll sit there.”   On top of the basket is a blue check tablecloth and underneath, fresh bread, cheese, butter, tomatoes and fruit.  As she brings out the tea you comment that you could eat a horse, she grins. Behind the house the two donkeys are heehawing, bringing her to observe, “but not donkeys, even if one of them is called Sausage!”  Her laughter is contagious.

“Reversing the names of the donkeys was Havej’s idea. His full name is: Havohej!  Try speaking that, or spelling it backwards?   He desires friendship.  He doesn’t want to intimidate His guests!  Everyone is invited. Only a few people respond often out of curiosity, or out of self importance.  Others have varying beliefs in God.”  You nod, remembering even as a young child you liked the Christmas story and singing carols.  Older, at Easter, you were sad about Jesus dying and rising from the dead.   You tune back into Mary, “On conception a Godly seed is planted within, and waits to be germinated.  In acknowledging God, the seed produces shoots.  In the last seven years, since your visit here, God has been establishing His roots in your life, changing your mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours.  I’ll let you finish your meal, relax and think on those things.”

Read: “For all that the world can offer us…none of these things come from the Father, but from the world.  This world and its desires are in the process of passing away, but those who love to do the will of God live for ever.” 1 John 2:16-17 (TPT)

Consider:  God desires and longs for your friendship. What do you look for in a heavenly Father?

Step 5