Seven years, since your last visit!  That must have been around the time you chatted to that man who said his friend was Jesus!  After that you made a brief foray into a variety of churches, but weren’t attracted to religion.  If faith is as a buried seed that can grow within, Mary’s analogy makes sense.  After all you only see the roots when you dig up the plant, so you wouldn’t notice God, and His influence changing you.

You liked Havej.  Its understandable he doesn’t use his full name.  Havohej? You  reverse it.  Jehovah!  Good grief, surely that’s not his name?  Yet, Havej made a comparison of life to the vines in his vineyard.  You clearly remember and enjoyed his talk.  The way he imported different vines and planted them between those already established so they would be strengthened. And when able to bear fruit they would be processed with others to blend into a fine wine.  If Havej was God in human form like Jesus, was he Jesus?  God has one son, Havej has three!  Carpenter, skilled in wood, Joseph, tending sheep, and fisherman, Simon, who said he has many brothers and sisters.

Despite your first dream ending abruptly, maybe you did have an inner recollection about it.  That little wooden cup you felt drawn to buy from that craft stall.  That donkey heehawing on the beach brought a strange yearning. If Havej was God, have you grown enough roots to be replanted in His vineyard?  Is your life meant to bear fruit he could process?   You have more questions than answers.  You lean back into the cushions of the chair, and as it rocks back and forth, you look out on the perfect view and listen to Mary singing.

Read:  “But I will reveal My name to My people, and they will come to know its power.  Then at last they will recognise I am the one who speaks to them.”  Isaiah 52:6  (The New Living Translation NLT)

Listen:  4 minutes

Step 6