A woman is singing in a clear, pure voice.  The chair is comfortable, as is the warmth of the sun. You were dreaming about being numbingly cold and realising you couldn’t swim back to shore. Slowly you open your eyes to see before you the lake.  Mary steps into view.  “Welcome back.  You didn’t have to plunge into icy water to prove yourself to God.”  You stare at her.  She sits and smiles. “God knows and sees every aspect of your personality, character and, life. You felt you had just dreamt that, but it happened, in your time, a year ago.” Bewildered you frown.

“The Father created you.  As life is conceived in the womb, so is the seed inbuilt to call upon God in times of trouble. Development in Him, as in life, there are building blocks to feed, grow and learn.”  You nod, often hearing people calling upon God in a derogative way.  “Every call is like a bell ringing in heaven.  His response is individually tailored to draw people into knowing Him.  As is understanding when you make a mistake, and truly regret it, you can then move on, gain strength, and find answers.  Learning to wait is an essential step.”

You reflect on the numerous occasions you have failed. Dreams are strange, it’s rare to remember more than a snippet. This last year you have sensed inner sorrow, and thought to buy a Bible.  When you read about Jesus saying He was the vine and that His father the vinedresser, scenes activated in your mind and drew you to find out more.  Now recalling your icy plunge, you can see how the Father turned that to good.  Mary gives you a knowing smile and asks, “Shall we take that delayed swim?”

Read: “I had to nurse you and feed you with milk, not with the solid food of advance teachings, because you weren’t ready for it…”     1 Corinthians 3:2 (TPT)

Speak:  Dear Lord, thank you that your desire is always for us.  You are never against us, and in Your eyes, we are all unique. Thank you, if we seek you, you can turn my mistakes to good.  Please help me, to recognise and understand Your love, so I daily experience your peace, and in rejoicing in You I will be strengthened.

Step 8