At your obvious reticence to swim Mary explains, “The water temperature here is determined by your mindset.  You expected it to be cold, it was.  People’s judgements come from head knowledge which reflects their actions and reactions to life. God judges by looking into our hearts. As we let Him more fully into our lives, His love changes our mindsets, along with attitudes and behaviours.  The Father longs to have our hearts response.”  Puzzled as to how you change your head  knowledge to  that heart response, you frown.  Mary pats your hand. “Don’t worry you will know when the time comes. With head knowledge people are often unaware of talking to angels, having dreams, that strange coincidences and deja vu incidents are Godly experiences. There is always supernatural activity on earth, for you it is in dreams.  Now, let’s go and test the water.”

Much to your surprise and delight the water is warm, and so buoyant it is impossible to drown. However, you stick to swimming along the shoreline.  Walking back to the chalet Mary sings. Joy rises up within you. A waft of dinner is in the air, Mary breaks off to comment, “It would seem my brothers have arrived while we have been frolicking in the water.”

On the veranda, chairs surround the table, and as you near the steps Simon, is putting a small plate of fish in each place.  Carpenter leans against the doorpost to announce, “Sis, I’ve put on the stove that stew you prepared. I have brought a bowl of strawberries from my garden.  Joseph’s been busy all day with the sheep.  He is bringing the wine from Dad’s vineyard.  He grins across at you. “Good to see you again, for you it’s been a while, for us, no time at all.”

Read: “The Lord looks over us from where He rules in heaven.  Gazing into every heart from His lofty dwelling place, He observes all the peoples of the earth.  The Creator of our hearts considers and examined every thing we do.” Psalm 33:13-15 (TPT)

Consider:  You have probably experienced déjà vu incidents or coincidences have you ever thought these could be supernatural, because Jesus was trying to get your attention?

Step 9