Seated in a prime position at the table on the veranda you can see the setting sun over the turquoise waters of the lake.  Around the table Mary’s brothers are bantering with each other and as Mary joins the group, the family resemblance is obvious. Interpreting your thoughtful expression Joseph smiles and explains, “I’m the eldest son of our father, Joseph the Carpenter.  We are Jewish, our noses give us away!  James is very much our father’s son!”  Grinning, at Simon he adds, “He loves the sea, and fish!”  Simon shrugs, and you complement the food he has provided.  “Mary, keeps order, just like her namesake, our mother. We could be quite an unruly bunch.”

Questions form in your mind. Your conclusion causes your eyes to widen. Joseph chortles, “Yes, Jesus is our half-brother.  In your time we’d be very old!  Jesus was studious, serious and when young we sometimes resented him, but he had a quick wit and an infectious laugh. Did you sound out the donkey’s names backwards?  Imagine how I felt telling you one was named Sausage and the other Hewhay!  When the Father thought of the idea, Jesus was amused and thought it very appropriate to use His names. He commented, ‘I did say come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest’. In putting my yoke on those donkeys they will carry and guide people.”

In the midst of processing that, Joseph continues, “It’s hard for people to get hold of the fact that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one.  Each part is very different.  Similar to us as brothers, as I oversee Havej’s, James’, and Simon’s businesses – that’s three in one. Joseph quickly adds, “Mary cares for us and the visitors Havej invites.

Read:  “To the fatherless he is a father.  To the widow he is a champion friend.  And to the lonely he makes them part of a family…”  Psalm 68:5 (TPT)

Consider:  Who do you call family, and how do you encourage and build them up?

Step 10