With dusk growing into darkness, Carpenter hangs a light over the table. The wine, laughter and tales flow about the family and Jesus’ exploits while on earth. You are learning so much.  As Mary serves the huge bowl of strawberries you wish the evening might never end.  When you ask questions it is usually Mary or Joseph who respond.

Fascinated you listen to Mary. “None of us really understood Jesus, what He said or did, until that dreadful weekend when…” She chokes back her emotions before continuing. “We all loved Him. He was gentle and kind, but obviously different. We weren’t at the wedding, but heard when He changed water into wine. He ignored our kidding him about it.  Years later when it became obvious He was supernaturally gifted, we discussed it among ourselves. Sometimes we were puzzled, or embarrassed by Him, that was before Mum told us about His conception.  Only then we realised being related to him was a privilege.” Mary turns to James, “Can you make the coffee?”

Joseph adds, “We are here tonight to share that privilege with you.” You respond with thanks for their hospitality and how it has been a privilege to meet them. “That is our aim as Jesus wants people to feel part of our family. We all share in this mission to increase His Church. The Christian Church was not meant to be restricted to a building, but wherever God’s people meet, it can be anywhere.  Those who know Jesus and share their lives with Him, also enjoy meals together and glasses of wine.  Like us, they love talking about Him, and His interventions, in their lives.”  After the coffee you join in the brother’s camaraderie as you help Mary in the clearing and washing up.

Read: “Then those whose lives honoured God got together and talked it over.  God saw what they were doing and listened in.  A book was opened in God’s Presence and minutes were taken of the meeting, with the names of the God-fearers written down…”  Malachi 3:16 (MSG)

Speak:  Jesus, I want to know more about you.  Please show me where to find your family?  I wish to hear their stories about your intervention in their lives and their friendship with you. I need to understand more so I can go from head knowledge of you, to loving you and knowing the desires you have for my life.

Step 11