Together on the veranda you tell them this has been the best evening of your life.  Each in his own way assures you there will be even better times, if you seek out Jesus in His people. Looking sad, Mary informs you, “I am afraid I have to say ‘goodbye’. We will meet again.  I’ve left breakfast for you and Joseph as tomorrow he is taking you across the lake to visit a friend.”  Joseph is heading inside, so in the doorway you turn to let him pass.  By the time you turn back to say ‘goodbye’ the group has vanished.

Astonished by their swift disappearance you stare into the moonlit night before following Joseph.  From the stairs he grins down at you. “We don’t need donkeys to transport us. See you in the morning.”  You pick up the oil lamp, and head into the downstairs bedroom.  On your bed is your rucksack where it was left a year ago. What is odd is that you have used it in the interim period.  This is all so strange, and yet, so real.

Puzzled you visit the bathroom beyond the stairs while still considering all you have seen and heard.  Back in your room you get into bed and think about Joseph’s comment. In the Bible you vaguely remember a story about a disciple who moved from one place to another.  Was that what happened to the group tonight? Didn’t Jesus appear to his disciples walking on a lake?  And, when Jesus stepped into boat, didn’t they, and the boat, arrive almost instantly on the far shore?  Will you and Joseph travel that way tomorrow? Your eyes grow heavy. Could it be Jesus is the friend you are to meet?

Read: “The disciples had rowed about halfway across the lake when all of a sudden they caught sight of Jesus walking on top of the waves, coming toward them.  The disciples panicked but Jesus called out to them, ‘Don’t be afraid, you know who I am.’  They were relieved to take him in, and the moment Jesus stepped into the boat, they were instantly transported to the other side!”  John 6:19-21 (TPT)


Step 12