The words of Joseph’s song arrest you.  Can God’s Holy Presence live in you?  At times you have felt desperate and lost. You like that song.  Can a Bible be your daily bread?  Faith is growing within you.  Your eyes widen, as Joseph sets a full English breakfast before you.  He grins. “It’s all Kosher!  The Bible is known as the bread of life.  That song was written and is sung in your world. Now eat up, we have a journey ahead of us.”

You wonder how Jesus and Joseph cope with knowing everyone’s thoughts.   Joseph between mouthfuls explains, “We, living in our eternal life have positive and peaceful minds.  If necessary, we can tune into one person’s thoughts at a time, but usually don’t need to.  With visitors it is always useful. That ability in the natural world would be most unwise. On earth Jesus’ thoughts were filtered by His all-knowing Father as He is in everything, everywhere.”

“You will like the friend we are visiting today.  He is far older and wiser than me – my mentor.  He achieved much in his life time.  Out of respect for him, I took the liberty to pack your bag with clothes you will need to wear.  We will change at his beach chalet over the other side of the lake. The surrounding mountains make this part of the lake into cove, but it extends far beyond what you can see.” You look into the distance and wonder how will you get there? Will it take only a second?  Amused Joseph answers your unspoken question. “Mary said what you imbibe and believe affects how you think and react. I’m afraid it takes a greater faith and trust than you have at present to be instantly transported from one place to another. However, we do have a boat.”

Read: “Fully aware of their (disciples) innermost thoughts, Jesus called a little child to his side and said to them, ‘if you tenderly care for this little child on my behalf, you are tenderly caring for me. And if you care for me, you are honouring my Father who sent me…’.”  Luke 9:47-48 (TPT)

Consider:  If you can accept Jesus knows your thoughts, would it affect your actions?

Step 14