Joseph points beyond the house to a narrow sandy path separating the water from the rock face. You expect to see a rowing boat with an outboard motor instead there is a gleaming speed boat. Your surprise brings Joseph to explain. “We are Jesus’ ambassadors, as are His disciples.  Everyone is invited to eat at the Lord’s table and if interested our Father will draw them within the veil of the Kingdom of God on earth and reveal Himself in greater measure.  Each visit is individually tailored in a scene that God knows will be desirable to you.  Our aim is to keep a simple theme and show you the Father’s love, grace and provision.  I’ll get more tea and toast.”

Reminded of the donkeys you ask after them. “They are involved on another mission, but I’m sure you will see them.  When Sausage was hit by that car if the people in it had stopped to help, they too would have experienced a miracle, and opened up their minds for further visits.”

Joseph sits back. “You have returned to further your understanding.  Do you know that those who served the Lord in their lifetime cheer on those serving the Lord on earth today. They assist us here as we prepare people for Jesus’ return.

“God being the creator imparts knowledge into man and they believe they make the discoveries and invent things.  Instant worldwide communication is part of that. Soon everyone will have heard and been given the opportunity to hear, find, and choose to fertilise the Godly seed within them. The enemy has been using that too, wanting to distract and stop people finding the answers, but in the midst of trials and tribulations man’s homing instinct has him call on God.”

Read:  “The very moment I call to you for a father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee.  This one thing I know: God is on my side!”  Psalm 56:9 (TPT)

Speak:  Thank you Lord for all the opportunities you are giving me to understand the good and positive things in life, that you love me and are helping me build on my knowledge of you.  Please help me to always call on you in the midst of my battles and believe you are on my side.

Step 15