It hadn’t taken long to clear away and leave the chalet.  On the short walk to the boat you comment that your first visit hadn’t been so challenging and now you have had much to process. Joseph made a sage nod.  Quickly you reassure him that you aren’t in a hurry to return. His response as you climb into the boat is, “Sit back, enjoy this journey, and keep an open mind.  The information will find its rightful compartments.”

The boat’s churning matched your mind and body which quickly settled when you relaxed in the well-padded seat and breathed slowly. The faster the speed, the more the boat skimmed the water’s surface.  When you near the cove exit Joseph slows, although the gap is wider than you expected.  Once in the gorge between tall sheer cliffs the peace is only broken by the hum of the engine.  On both sides the rock is full of crevices in which either water or colourful vegetation is spilling out.  You feel yourself nodding asleep.  When the engine takes on a deeper tone the boat begins to accelerate at such speed it propels you back into the seat, shoots out of the gorge into a lake, so vast it looks like a sea with no land in sight.

The wind picks up and combined with the speed comes a sensation of flying just above the water.  You try to consider Joseph’s words this morning, and wonder if you had dozed off when the boat slows and before you are mountains with hills in front. On the top of one hill was a very large long attractive Roman-styled villa and on the shoreline below terraced houses painted in different colours. It wasn’t long before the boat was negotiating a stone and narrow harbour entrance.

Read: “For everyone who listens with an open heart will receive progressively more revelation until he has more than enough…” Matthew 13:12 (TPT)

Consider:  How do you process new information, ideas and insights?

Step 16