In the sun filled bedroom you move to look out of the window at the bustling harbour below.  You ask Joseph how many people would be at the palace.  He replies, “About 10,000!”  Astonished, you swing around and repeat the number.  “Enough for now as I need to help you dress.”

You try not to show your discomfort as you delve in your bag for the outfit Joseph has packed.  When you see the white fine flowing silk garment has to be decked by jewellery you realise you will need his help. A thick gold necklet with six inch fingers of gold has to lie against your skin.  A two inch wide belt covered in gold and sparkling sapphires the size of plum stones hang in a V from your waist with a narrow strip in front, slightly longer than your body.  Joseph places a similar band on your head and a huge matching ring on your middle finger. In the mirror you appear to be transformed into middle-Eastern royalty.

And if you thought you were over-dressed it was nothing compared to Joseph. Gold silk drapes his upper body drawn together at the top by a brooch exposing his lean muscled torso. Mid-calf baggy gold trousers are draw together by a gold belt of emeralds and diamonds and attached is a strange triangular shape covering his lower abdomen.  His headpiece, belt and brooch are the same design, all aligned in perfect symmetry pointing downwards. Each item is encrusted in gold and flat emeralds, and his lower arms have gold and emerald armlets. Joseph is no longer a shepherd in plain clothing, but with his long dark curly hair, he looks to have stepped out of Egypt perhaps four or five thousand years ago.

Read:  “…he outfitted him in robes of the best linen and put a gold chain around his neck.  He put the second-in-command chariot at his disposal, and as he rode people shouted, ‘Bravo!’”  Genesis 41:42 (MSG)

Consider:  Who is Joseph’s mentor and George’s hero of his faith.  Do you have a biblical hero?

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