Dressed as an ancient Egyptian, eating a light lunch of fish, bread and fruit, and hearing George talk of his life seems so surreal. “My brother made his choice to step away from his destiny. My desire wasn’t to be King, but I knew duty and God called me. In my weakness I trusted, and looked to Him for guidance, and He knew what I would accomplish in my lifetime. Now I see He chose and anointed me for that time, just as He planned for Lilybeth to be Queen and uphold His name in the earth. God desires a relationship with us, if we know Him we will play our part to bring His Kingdom on earth.

“Many in your time are experiencing a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit than I had in my life. I just had the church, Bible and prayer to sustain my walk. Today people understand the need to commit their lives to Jesus to receive a deposit of the Holy Spirit.  Investment in Him brings multiplication of revelation and understanding of the Father heart of God. The amazing technological advances of this age are bringing a far reaching power of God’s Spirit to touch and change lives.  And when people show an interest the Father releases His Spirit, in dreams as you are having, or hearing His voice through the truth of His Word. He desires us to know of His love and respond to His call to follow Him.

“Believe me, you may feel you are insignificant, but when your life is in God’s hands you have no idea of the tremendous power and anointing that can be released through you. And, the Father trusts His people with far greater insights and mysteries than since He spoke the world into being.”

Read:  “In the last days, God says, ‘I will pour out my spirit on all people; you sons and daughter will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams’.”  Acts 2:17  (NIV)

Speak:  Dear Father God, I am drawn to you, I want to understand more about you, about your Kingdom and the part I have to play on earth today.  Please lead and guide me to those who can show me the way forward to gain a heart knowledge of you.

Step 19