Joseph almost drags you away from listening to George’s lovely accent and enthusiasm for all he is involved in.  Assured by George you’ll meet again you follow Joseph through a building at the end of the garden to see a royal carriage and four black stallions awaiting you. As you both jerk forward in the padded seat, Joseph answers the question that is burning with you. “You won’t be meeting Jesus, but won’t be disappointed. George saved his people, as did many other heroes of faith before him and this man started out like many of us.  God spoke to him through dreams, and like George was led on an unexpected path to be used by God to do far more than he could have ever envisage.”  Joseph raises his hand. “You’ll see.”

“Now I have to warn you, once we begin up the hill to the palace there will be a noisy crowd walking up the road to hear my friend’s wisdom.  They are in the clothes of their times, for them it is an event they have chosen to attend, rather like a Christian rally being held at someone’s big mansion.  Dressed as we are, we will not be part of the general congregation, but set aside with other distinguished guests and you will be one of a few ‘visitors’ to attend.  Obviously, as we drive in, we will attract their attention, and whatever you hear, or happens please act like royalty and respond with a gentile smile.”

You frown and explain this feels awkward.  “George felt awkward unexpectedly becoming King, I felt awkward being Jesus’ brother, but at times we have to push beyond how we feel to do the right thing.”  Although Joseph said it pleasantly his voice held a hint of reproof.

Read:  “Abandon every display of selfishness. Possess a greater concern that matters to others instead of your own interest.”  Philippians 2:4 (TPT)

Consider:  How do you respond when you find yourself in an awkward situation, or asked to do something you’d rather not?

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