Minutes later you join a line of open carriages heading upwards to the palace.  It seems you are one of many specifically dressed to honour the man you are about to visit. You don’t really feel comfortable hobnobbing with royalty.  As you near the palace gates, the last of the noisy crowd filtering into a side entrance.

Your carriage takes you beyond the gates through several archways and quadrangles to a long escarpment overlooking the lake.  You look up and down the hill where on several tiers there are carriages where similarly dressed people to you are alighting.  Joseph leads you up four short flights of steps to a long, wide terrace overlooking those arriving and the lake beyond.

On reaching the terrace Joseph receives and acknowledges peoples’ greetings.  He explains, “This is the anti-room to the balcony of the amphitheatre that is filling with the people walking along the road.  The majority of those, through the circumstances of their birth, were led to believe in other Gods. They have arrived through death’s door, and our gracious and merciful Father always offers opportunities for them to know that He is the three in One true God. Everyone who truly believes will go on to eternal life, but those who stick to their beliefs are returned to death’s door to continue their journey.”   Joseph indicates those around them. “These people had their lives challenged and changed by God overcoming much to serve Him.  Many faced trials, tribulations, persecutions and prison, and the majority, are those from your century, who have suffered for their faith, some unto death.”  Surprised, you look around and realise most of the guests are Middle-eastern. “You will enjoy hearing their testimonies of those who have been called by God.”

Read:  The Lord says, “…and all who come to me, I will embrace and will never turn them away.”  John 6:37 (TPT)

Speak:  Father God, thank you for your goodness, love and desire that everyone should come to know you. Please reveal to me everything I put before you, that detracts my thoughts from your way, truth and life.

Step 21