This man is Joseph!  The dreamer!  His outfit today is of many colours!  In amazement you barely hear George.  But his introducing Billy Graham, a man of your lifetime, draws your attention.  He wears his usual suited attire, but light and glory emanates from him. “Aged twelve Billy committed his life to the Lord. He has touched thousands, if not millions of lives with the Gospel message.  This message I hope you will embrace today.”

You hadn’t heard Billy speak before and now wish to join others indicating their desire to live for Jesus.  As you leave the balcony, Joseph thwarts you insisting you go with him.   His only words, “Not now” and “Wait and see.”  He walks swiftly beyond the concrete structure of the amphitheatre to a bungalow where he steps onto the veranda and leads you to where it overlooks the lake.  Overwhelmed you halt, and gawk at ‘the Joseph’ still in his finery. He welcomes you and says how he is looking forward to having an English afternoon tea with you.  You are amazed he speaks English.  Joseph, Jesus’ brother, laughs, “Remember Pentecost?  The Holy Spirit came, we spoke as normal, but those listening heard the words in their own language and we, vice versa.  To us it is normal, but forget it’s not normal for you. I’ll leave you to enjoy the food and company.”

As you eat together ‘the Joseph’ asks about your life and encourages you, “When God gives you a vision or a dream, whatever your circumstances, stay in faith for it.  On earth listen again to Billy’s simple message: turn from sin, ask Jesus, as the Holy Spirit into your life, and daily ask Him to guide you.  Do that, and enjoy His Presence.”

Read:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only so, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16 (NIV)

Listen:   4 mins

Step 24