Daily you have filled your mind with God’s word, the stories, the psalms and ridiculously lain awake at night praying to be here. You hunger for more encounters with God’s people who have encouraged your walk with Him.  Within there is a growing need to be with people who love the Lord, and be part of His family on earth. Along with your changing mindsets has come a burning desire to tell others about Jesus and bring people hope.

Into your reflections a familiar sound brings you to scurry around the bungalow veranda -.it is Sausage!  Delighted, hearing his name, he looks up and responds to your patting and hugging with loud heehaws. His feet paw the ground bringing you to enquire if he has come to get you, for he is saddle and ready to go.  The nodding of his head you take as a ‘yes’.  A quick investigation of the bungalow reveals it is deserted and closed up.  You tell Sausage, as you have no baggage and no place to go, you will have to trust him to guide you.  He snorts, lifts and shakes his head, from the expression in his eyes you have a clue of his thoughts!  Before hoisting yourself on his back you reassure him that you are delighted to have his company and guidance again and you sense his amusement.

It must be longer than a year since you were here for although the sun is up and the air warm, the trees are losing their leaves, and the garden is bare of its display of brightly coloured flowers.  Sausage trots halfway around the huge amphitheatre where the gates into it are barred and then turns inland to skirt harvested fields now being ploughed.

Read: “And this is how we may discern (daily, by experience) that we are coming to know Him (to perceive, recognize and understand, and become better acquainted with Him); if we keep (bear in mind, observe, practice) His teachings (precepts, commandments).”  1 John 2:3 (AMP Classic)

Consider:    You may, or may not have made a commitment to the Lord, these are steps to help you get to know Jesus.  If you continue to climb them He will meet you at your point of need.

Step 27