Half an hour later you turn into a lane.  In the distance is a farmhouse and outbuildings.  As you near you hear the cows mooing and beyond that pigs grunting.  Nearer the house chickens are running around, and the pond in front is filled with ducks.  It appears your arrival has been noticed for a woman comes out the door. It’s Mary!.

Her immediate comment is: “Welcome to the family of God. Come in.  Take breakfast with us.”  She leads you along a stone corridor. Through an open door of a room you see a grand piano, drums and guitars, along with half a dozen square tables where several board games look to be in the midst of play.  Mary comments, “I have a big extended family, which started with my six children.  Often they come and live here for months to help their generational father on our farm.  We distribute our milk, butter, eggs and meat to those who live around us and Joseph exports much of it to feed those who serve the Kingdom in other ways.  We also rear good breeding stocks, and like Havej’s vineyard, the more we export, the greater the multiplication of our harvests. It is wonderful how our God uses our gifts learned on earth, and our enjoyment of those, to be the very things we are assigned to do in the Kingdom of heaven. Here, all men and women are equal, no need to buy and sell, no use for money, everyone has all, and more, than they need which makes easy live in love, joy and peace.”

You enter a simple, but well-equipped large kitchen.  A dozen people are preparing and cooking food.  The smell of fresh bread pervades the air.

Read:  “…all the believers in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common… sold whatever they owned, and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.”  Acts 2:44-45 (MSG)

Speak:   Please Jesus lead me to a people who believe in your Word, having fellowship with others in your family, enjoying the sovereignty of God through worship, acknowledging faith and trust in You, and moving in the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Step 28