Mary introduces Miriam Baker, her numerous ‘greats’ grand-daughter and informs you she comes from generations of bakers.  Miriam removes a tray of pastries from the oven, your mouth waters.  Mary gives a wry smile. “We know you enjoy her bread, croissants and cakes!  The good thing of being here is, not only can you choose and live at your premium age, but what ever you eat you remain at your premium weight!”

Three big men enter the kitchen and you are astonished when Mary introduces them as her boys she tells you that in earthly terms of a generation being forty years they have fathered fifty of them.  Mary points to a teenage boy and girl preparing plates of fruit. “The twins, wanted to stay at the age when they died from a plague that over centuries have beset us. Those of us who died old, prefer to return to our thirties.”

Mary takes you into a huge greenhouse/conservatory like an inside garden. Down the centre of it is a long table set with several dozen chairs and being filled with bowls of food. As Mary tells you to take a seat a tall, broad man, definitely Jewish, with black hair and beard comes in from outside carrying a large milk churn. Two men take it from him and Mary’s face is beaming as she slips her arm in his. “This is my earthly husband, a wonderful friend in life, we had so much in common we chose to stay in close proximity. There is no marriage here, so he is free to leave at any time.”  He grins, shakes his head as his arm goes around her and bends to kiss her cheek.

Read:  “…but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”  Exodus 20:6 (NIV)



Step 29