Mary’s husband is as you imagine Jesus, their love evident.  People are arriving with baskets and containers of food, a crowd is gathering around the table so Mary suggests you sit, and explains, “Generations of our family work here, you will find it easier to spot those who don’t have our family resemblance, than those who do. We have all been up early.  This breakfast is our main meal of the day. She grins up at the broad man beside her, “And, with the farm boss’ here, time for him to speak the blessing.”

As you munch the crunchy cereal with fresh fruit and yoghurt, you know you were hungry for far more than food.  It is so good to hear, and be included, in the lively banter of so many friendly, happy and content people who enjoy life to the full.  Bowls of steaming vegetables, poached eggs, tomatoes and a variety of other foods arrive.


Mary draws your attention. “Do you remember Jesse?  It is eight years since you met him.”  You turn to see a boy, instead curly haired young man stands beside her.  You nod, and puzzle at his growing up.  “After the meal Jesse will take you around the farm.”  Before you can respond to Jesse, he is called away. Mary answers your thoughts. “When a life is created, it isn’t rejected by God.  Babies grow up here, often adopted and loved by those who have been unable to have their own children. Jesse’s name means ‘gift’ and that is how we see these babies.  However, they do miss the valuable lessons in earthly development of life and death.  On earth today, millions of mothers reject their child before birth.

Read:  “…They shared meals together with joyful hearts and tender humility.  They were continually filled with praises to God, enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord kept adding to their number daily those who coming to life.”  Acts 2:46-47 (TPT)

Watch:  The trailer to the movie ‘Heaven is for Real’. This recounts true events, and you can also read the book of the same title written by his father Todd Burpo.    3 mins

Step 30