The trees seem taller, the cottage smaller.  Carpenter having left his sculpturing shed welcomes you, and suggests Jesse takes the donkeys to the stable.  Watching him he comments, “God answered your call!  Peaches are in the orchard, beyond the fruit and vegetable garden.”  In two hours, the peaches are picked, packed and stacked in wooden trays.  Only then you ask Jesse how you will transport them to the farm. Jesse grins, “I’ll show you later.”  From the orchard, it is good to sit on the cottage’s veranda eating Mary’s packed lunch.  Replete, you rock the chair back and forth as Jesse, full of teenage energy, is up and running, calling out “See you later.”

A humming sound, not unlike an annoying bee, stirs you to open your eyes. Jesse is driving an open cart. He leaps from it calling, “Come on, those peaches have to be stacked on this before we return to the farm.” With you in the passenger seat Jesse zooms the battery powered vehicle around the cottage, garden and trees and you hang on for dear life!   You shout to Jesse to slow down, he giggles in delight, “You can’t die here!”

Once the crates are loaded on returning to the stable Jesse challenges you to race Sausage back to the farm.  Reticent you remark, donkeys weren’t built to race, only to see Sausage stamp his feet, obviously miffed that you don’t consider him up to beating Hewhay. After a gentle trot out of the copse another hair-raising episode becomes a reality. Only by the grace of God you don’t fall off, but you do arrive hot and saddle sore. Jesse congratulates your win, but Sausage’s expression has you admitting it was nothing to do with you.

Read: “Also, every man to whom God has given riches and possessions, and the power to enjoy them, and to accept his appointed lot, and to rejoice in his toil – this is the gift of God.”   Ecclesiastes 5:19 (AMP Classic)

Speak:  Lord, as I work, rest and play, please show me how to have a balanced lifestyle.



Step 33