You want to relive your third dream, but it seems your mind drifts back to the interim years when after your first dream journey you had bought a Bible.  The young man at the cash desk was fascinated to hear about your dream and advised you to read the four epistles.  At your blank expression he explained, Jesus’ disciples wrote the first books of the New Testament and Acts was good too.

Over the years you had heard quoted John 3:16 so you started there.  Your eyes widened in astonishment at Chapter 15 where Havej’s description of being a vinedresser and tending the vines were written.  Any doubts were then extinguished about your dream coming from the Lord.  Excited, you continued reading the accounts of Jesus’ life from the other three apostles, but there was little mention of Jesus’ growing years.  What must it have  been like growing up with Him?  What did His sibling think about Him?  Was He a goody goody?  Did He have fun?  Did He squabble, as you did, with those around you?   You didn’t know then in the first dream that you had met his brothers and sister, and in your third dream would be able to ask them!

In that year between your second and third dream when you became a disciple of Jesus having joined the church you attended the Tuesday night Bible Study. In a back room you were welcomed by the seven attendees aged between fifty and ninety. Before long before you realised their study wasn’t about discipleship today, but an academic study. Perplexed, you finally asked why their studying the Bible didn’t involve how people could get to know God  and your expectancy had been something similar to the lines of a Sunday sermon.  Percy’s quivery voice explained this was a deeper, analytical study of scripture which produced useful interpretations of certain passages, otherwise known as ‘exegesis’!  With a grin you remarked that was an appropriate name.  At their bewildered expressions you said slowly, ‘exit Jesus’ as understanding came they were not amused!  You didn’t want to go again, instead made notes of the key points and scriptures from the Sunday sermons to study later. Often, those sermons were relevant and in perfect timing to bring the answers you sought.

Word:  “I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.”  Proverbs 4:11 (NIV)

Worship:  “This I believe (The Creed)”   Hillsong Worship    6 mins

Key 5 – Discipleship