As with last Saturday, you have the day off, and decide to have a body and voice ‘work out’ to  a CD you found in a charity shop with the brilliant title ‘Touching Heaven Changing Earth’.  How wonderful it would be if you could step through the thin veil that separates heaven and earth whenever you wish.  A light breeze seems to whisper by your ear, ‘one day’.

Each evening, as you come home, you feel the Lord is keen to be with you. There hasn’t been time to trawl the internet for those heavenly songs given to earthly composers so after lunch you determine to find them.  Distracted by Biblical teaching and people talking about their heavenly experiences on YouTube, it is a while before you search and find the song that has echoed through your mind all week.  It appears an Englishman received and sung it at the Royal Albert Hall, Times Square and across the world! On hearing it again you are caught up in your dream. You ache to sing that with others of like mind and yearn for a lively church.

A growling stomach reveals you have only a hotchpotch of food in the fridge and a need tomorrow, on your way to church, to buy food for the ‘sharing’ lunch. Eating up your leftovers you watch videos of people speaking about heavenly ‘portals’ connecting to earth.  Faith, worship, God’s word, and prayer are surely major keys to unlocking those. Can you open up a heavenly portal?   Reading the Bible aloud does unlock faith. You begin speaking the words of Psalm 27 over your life.  Into your mind’s eye you are back with Mary in your first dream entering the cave at the bottom of the mountain.  On the wall of the cave you now see a large hook hanging from it is an iron ring with keys dangling of varying shapes and sizes.  Surely those keys indicate such things as doors, maybe chests or even books that could unlock secrets.  Were there passages in the mountain rock that led to such things?   You believed you were on God’s Holy mountain so were His treasures stored there to be found by those who love Him?

Word: “One thing I desire is this is that what I seek that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.   Psalm 27:4  (NIV)

Worship:  “Touching Heaven Changing Earth” Hillsong Worship 7 mins

Key 9 – Intimacy