In seeing those keys you hoped last night you might dream about them, but it was not to be.  Maybe your chair could be a portal?  It was certainly a place you felt near to the Lord. Today you decided to stay home to commune with God as you have questions to ask about Mary.  She was young and fit so why did those well-worn steps slow her down? Why did she insist you kept going? When waiting for her why had she hurried you on? And on arriving at the waterfall of lights why had Mary nearly collapsed, which brings yet another question. As those two unpleasant men wouldn’t have been far behind, why hadn’t they overtaken you?   Mary had looked so pained and sad when they joined you, and she had whispered  ‘little foxes’ seconds before the dream ended, leaving you landing on the floor having fallen out of bed!

Now you know Mary is Jesus’ sister it leads you to ask, did she know something you didn’t?  Was she stopping in order to delay their arrival?  She obviously felt it was important you reach and witness the amazing colours of light from the waterfall, and drink of its rejuvenating water which tasted like the fruit of the vine.  Your brain now makes a connection of God’s rainbow of lights to His promises, and water turning to wine, a communion with Him bringing you a desire to seek Him long after the dream.  No wonder Psalm 27 is such a releasing key…the Lord is my light and my salvation!   Elated, you read and declare that again.

Mary is so sweet she welcomed you back seven years later, and again, a year later after the aborted dream. Why had you and she not talked about those men?  What happened after you left?  Did Mary call them ‘little foxes’ because of their unwanted opinions, sarcastic criticism, and unfounded judgements?  Havej had spoken about the ‘little foxes’ that tried to destroy His vineyard.  Revelation hits you, you bury your face in your hands and seconds later the doorbell rings.  Disorientated you pull yourself back to reality.  The person at the door isn’t going to give up.  Annoyed you go to answer it, ready to give the perpetrator a piece of your mind. (387)

Word:  “”I keep asking that…the glorious Father may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may know Him better…and that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope which he has called you.”  Ephesians 1:17 & 18

Worship:   “Wisdom Song” – Laura Woodley Osman 5 mins

Key 10 – Cleansing