You whip open your door to see a young, dishevelled boy. He greets you by name and adds, “Hi, remember me, my name’s Rob?”  You give him a questioning look and guess while viewing his grass stained and torn jeans, it’s wear and tear, not designer.  His face is nearly hidden by the hood of a dark brown anorak and peeping out beneath is a none to clean crumpled red-checked shirt.  He continues speaking.  “A couple of weeks ago you asked me to lunch this Sunday.”  About to tell him you most certainly did not, he grins. “I knew you were in. I looked through the window.”  Your hackles rise further.  “My, you look spaced out, were you asleep?”  He laughs, “So much for church eh?  George gave me your address?”  At your obvious unbelief Rob adds, “As you weren’t there, he did ask me if you meant this Sunday.”  In the brief silence, realisation comes that the invitation was to the next ‘bring and share’ lunch. You explain this is out of town and you haven’t a car.  Disappointment clouds Rob’s eyes, but still smiling he says, “It seems I was mistaken. Sorry to have troubled you. I best be going.”

Your immediate thought is ‘good’, but feel to mention you didn’t go shopping yesterday so you only have bread and a can of baked beans in the cupboard. Rob’s face brightens as if that is better than nothing.  Inwardly you groan, but remember to ask the Lord what He would do?

Instantly you are reminded of the kindness and generosity you have received, and realise this is an opportunity to extend that to this boy.  The pub at the end of the road does Sunday lunches, not a place you would frequent on your own, but two of you are unlikely to attract unwanted attention.  You suggest that, his response is, “I’ve little money, baked beans on toast will be fine.”  With a smile, you assure him as you invited him, you will pay.  His surprise is evident, you guess due to your previous negative behaviour.  His smile is sad. “Thank you, that’s kind. I am 18, but not dressed to eat out, they won’t let me in.  You assure him, the pub hosts a very rowdy crowd to watch the football so not likely to turn anyone away.

Word:   “Keep loving each other as brothers ‘Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.’”  (NIV)

Worship:  “Compassion (change the world)” Andrew Witt   3 mins

Key 11 – Kindness