A week has gone by.  The couple whose large house you valued haven’t placed it on your Estate Agents books, but many other houses have been. Should you involve the Lord in asking Him to provide potential buyers to boost your commission and enable you to give more to His work?

In thinking about work, you are seeing ‘old habits die hard’ perhaps from attitudes that maybe inbred, or even generational.  God is taking you at your word to expose unGodly ways by pointing out wisdom is not to give your opinion, but to remain silent.  In not wanting to appear to criticise or make judgements, you now hear your voice is laced with cynicism when expressing negative views. You realise in speaking on a host of subjects, information is often gleaned and derogative comments are made about people you don’t actually know.  Even a Biblical truth quoted out of context can be used negatively. In being constantly convicted you are determined not to get depressed.   Fortunately, in spending quality time with the Lord does bring peace.  Yesterday, a choir member told you, how he and others, had been asked to pray about your undermining of Fred.  Shocked, at his knowing the facts about that incident, you become aware how peoples’ perspectives of someone can be easily clouded and how you too have asked others to pray and passed on personal and/or confidential details. You flick through your notebook of points from recent sermons and find the phrase, ‘Gossip is defined as talking about a situation when you are neither part of the problem, nor the solution’.  It is painful for you to own that sin is so insidiousness. You determine with the Lord’s help to eradicate it!

Into you mind come the words, “Let your words be few.  Better to be silent than let your mouth lead you into sin.  Beware of exaggeration, white lies and false information. Faithful are the wounds of a friend.”  As you consider Jesus as your friend, it seems He says, “Yes I am, but with wounds you must allow time for healing before changes will be seen.” Tired, you close your notebook and retire to bed.

Word:  “…The tongue is a small part of the body yet it carries great power!  Just think of how a small flame can set a huge forest ablaze.” James 3:5  (TPT)

Worship:  “ Faith above fear”  Feast Worship     5 mins

Key 16 – Refining