Since you confessed your faith to colleagues you have detected their reticence to speak to you beyond matters of work.  In feeling isolated, with a need to chat to people, you arrive early for the choir practice.  Outside church a dozen young people, having just returned from their Christian Camp, are awaiting lifts home. In their midst is Tom, the youth leader, strumming a guitar. About to pass by and into the church, taken aback you stop, for this song you recognise from heaven.  Joining them you sing along with an overflowing love for the Lord.  Other choir members arrive and while some pause, the older ones tend to smile and walk by.  As the group grows they begin to sing along with the chorus.  The wonderful harmony of voices brings you to wonder if the Holy Spirit is conducting and synchronising the sound!  For you, a piece of heaven has just hit earth. Your heart feels it will explode in joy.  Fred having parked his car nearby is smiling and stops to listen, as do several people walking past the church.

At the end everyone including those in the street clap. There are 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord for you sense ‘a new day has just dawned’ in praise, worship, unity and joy.  With passers by having stopped you see that is how God’s outreach should attract people and you ask the Lord to break into their lives. Fred smiles benevolently around, and then invites the young people to join the choir.  They smile politely, but obviously hymn singing with a majority of people over fifty, doesn’t appeal to them.

Tom obviously knows Fred well enough to put an arm around his shoulders, and in smiling down on him, comments, “You and I both know, the only way the youth will join the choir is with the incentive of singing modern songs in church. Fred’s response is, “Early days!  Our exuberant hymn singing is attracting people into the church.” Sadly, Tom replies, “Agreed, but they tend to be older, and I fear if we don’t move with the times, those who are young will want to go elsewhere.” To that Fred gave a sad grimace, shrugged and with a wave, left to join the waiting choir members.

Word:  “How truly wonderful and delightful to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity!  “ … For from this realm of sweet harmony God will release his eternal blessing, the promise of life forever!”  Psalm 133: 1 & 3 (TPT)

Worship:  “United”  Dan Loewen  4 mins

Key 20 – Unity