Your colleagues’ saw Mr Chandler’s visit as normal, but it was astonishing!   He told you he was making you manager of the Agency. Shocked you stammered, ‘Why me’ and confessed you weren’t sure you are up to it.  His response was “I believe you are, and I am sure as God blesses you, we will be blessed.”  As your eyes widened in surprise he smiled, stood and handed you an envelope, adding. “Make a success of this Agency and we’ll have you training staff at all our branches.” Shaking your hand, he suggested, “Now, lock up, go home and tomorrow you can acclimatise to your new role.”  Stunned, you decide to cycle straight to the farm to tell Tom and his parents. And in the envelope, you find a new contract with a substantial basic pay increase, a dedicated agency car or generous mileage scheme, and a bonus cheque three times your monthly average sales – enough to buy a second-hand car!

The following day you decide to save your news to tell everyone on Monday.  As it is Saturday you close at 4.00 pm and drive to a second-hand car forecourt where the salesman’s patter has a similarity to Victors.  You decide on seeing a large car dealership to experience their salesmen’s technique which turns out to be just a smile and, ‘Let me know if you need help?’  You take him at his word and point to the car you wish for, but can’t afford!  He talks about trade-ins before suggesting you sit and have a coffee while he sees what’s on offer. On his return, with several options, the last, the unaffordable wish, suddenly becomes plausible, and you leave to consider it.

That evening you consult Tom’s parents who agree the brand-new car is a good deal, and euphoric you stay on to tell the band of the Lord’s provision. They insist you join them to praise the Lord and the barn fills with the Lord’s Presence which brings them to agree it is time to open up these evenings to the young people. Tom believes you should be the host as you have the ability to engage and encourage others.  In twenty-four hours, joy has replaced misery, work and play have a purpose and with money no longer a problem, you will have more to give to the church and the Barn Project!

Word:  “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps.37 (NIV)

 Worship:  “My Delight is in You” Passion Worship  7 mins

Key 29 – Delight