Excited, you tell people in the church about your job, and at the same time ask them to pray as you are concerned about your colleagues’ reaction as several are older than you. Over the weekend you have suspected Victor and Anna have been in collusion over sales.  You feel sorry for Victor’s wife and two children as his wrong choices will affect them.  The words ‘To whom much is given, much is required’ drops into your mind. When Lot lost everything, Abram rescued and restored him. As yet no-one knows Victor’s left. He could have decided he didn’t want a manager ten years his junior, but you will only know the truth if you visit him.

Even before you press Victor’s doorbell, he whips open the door to snarl, “What do you want?  Here to gloat that ‘honesty is the best policy’?” You reply, surely my ‘honesty policy’ isn’t worth giving up your job.  With a sceptical expression he scowls, “Why would you want me back?”  Bluntly you explain, when employed it’s easier to find another job, and useful if your reference reveals good work ethics.  Debbie, his wife, overhearing invites you in.

As tea is made you offer him a contract for three months with a day’s notice on either side at the basic salary and commission of a new senior sales negotiator. Victor’s bluster about you and your new role is spiced with expletives, to which he adds that money will barely cover the mortgage.  Debbie tells Victor to shut up, and near to tears asks, “Why did you have to go and leave?” In the tense silence Victor doesn’t answer and you say nothing. Debbie angrily states, “Like now, I guess you lost your temper. If that life line is still on offer – take it!  It’s better than being out of work. Sell your ridiculously expensive car – that money will tide us over.”  Victor hitting the table with his fist stalks out.  To help Debbie you tell her you know a car salesman who gives good advice and won’t bamboozle her.  Debbie sobs, “Is that what Victor does?”  Tactfully, you inform her a good salesman respects their clients wishes and speaks honestly.  Tearfully she nods, and you tell her if Victor accepts your terms to be in work tomorrow.

Word:   “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…”  Matthew 7:12  (NIV)

Worship:  God of Justice” Tim Hughes  5 mins

Key 30 – Compassion