Victor appeared on Monday as if nothing untoward had occurred. At the weekly morning meeting you announced your news. Out of the ten staff only two didn’t congratulated you.  When you spoke of running an honesty agency, no white lies, exaggerated claims, or bamboozingly clients to buy or sell, Phil glanced at Victor and mirrored his stony face. For several days after signing his contract Victor remained morose, but brightened up when he sold two houses that you had failed to do.  By Friday everyone, including you, had sold at least one property. When the sales were completed this commission would cover half the Agency’s monthly expenditure. The Anderson’s selling their property, even at the original price, would also generate a huge income, despite their losing several thousand pounds from the inflated value. On finding the original couple weren’t interested, you suggested a ‘blind’ auction and contacted the seven bidders to put in written offers. Three didn’t reply! Two weeks later the bids were opened, and the highest offer was in excess of Victor’s duplicity. The Andersons’ were delighted, as were you, in proving to the staff that honesty pays. The Agency, and you, reaping the commission, confirmed God was no man’s debtor.

In praying each day for the staff over the weeks you become aware that both the sales figures and morale within the Agency is growing.  Despite the obvious competitiveness of the business, a friendly atmosphere prevails and is becoming known for its helpful and honest approach. The three purchasers who lost the bid for the Anderson’s property have also asked to be informed if something similar comes on the market. In initiating a client feedback form you are pleased to see when returned they also have positive comments. Mr Chandler visited, he was pleased with your results and the injection of capital from the Anderson’s fees. He did raise an eyebrow seeing Victor, before murmuring, “beware of little foxes” at which you stared at him, his reply a ‘knowing’ look.

When you socialise down the pub someone always asks, “Are you bored with church yet?”  They find it hard to understand that church is people who are like family.  Speaking about the success of the Saturday youth club at the barn, they are surprised to hear about a Christian band with an atmosphere similar to night club, but without alcohol or drugs.

Word:  “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9 (NIV)

Worship:  “Your Word”  Hillsong Worship 7 mins

Key 31 – Integrity