On Tuesday when the Barn Team met for prayer Tom informs the group that the elders felt as Saturday nights involved the church’s young people there should be several responsible parents overseeing it.  They have conceded to the vision of expansion, if the children, aged thirteen to eighteen, wish to bring one friend of similar age.  Liz smiles adding, “And I’ve been designated to being the church oversight!  It is a sensible precaution in these times. Several parents have already expressed their willingness to support the evenings and I guess hope to experience that joy and faith their children received last Saturday night.

You report the ‘funding site’ is closed. ‘The Barn Project’ now has a savings account of which you and Tom are the signatories. And Tony has assured you the money is enough to build an extension to contain separate boys and girls’ toilets, a kitchen and snack bar.  To that you add if people give regularly, chairs and tables can be purchased. Tom pipes up, “Dad said he wants to invest in making the barn more habitable.  He envisions it becoming a club house during the week.  I think he’d also wishes to create a space for adults with events similar to those on Christian camps.”  It seems God is envisioning Tony with those things you have prayed, and hoped for.

A few days later meeting Debbie in the street she thanks you for ignoring Victor’s temper, giving him back his job, and the Agency’s recent success has him earning more than before and able to keep his precious car.  Either Victor was just boosting Debbie’s morale or, with his lower pay and commission had sold more houses than you realised.  You are reminded of Mr Chandler’s words about ‘little foxes. Ten days later Rob raises his concern at seeing Victor in a café an hour after talking to a couple who earlier had visited the agency. And, had been further disturbed, when he felt Victor was covering his tracks by explaining to him how meeting them had been coincidental, and he’d only sat within the hope to persuade them to sell through the agency. That alerted you to check Victor’s sale commissions from the last six weeks. As suspected, they fall short of his previous earnings, but you can’t accuse him of anything without evidence.   (398)

Word: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

Worship:  “Walk by Faith” Jeremy Camp   4 mins

Key 35 – Discernment