On Sunday you look for Bible verses on judgement and justice. In Deuteronomy 1:17 the Lord tells Moses that ‘if any case is too hard for you, bring it to me’.  Another verse says, ‘true justice is to show mercy and compassion’.  You’ve already done that!

You decide to consult Mr Chandler.  After exchanging pleasantries you tell him about Victor.  Throughout he nods knowingly, before stating, “I did wonder when you didn’t enquire why Victor had left, and Anna moved on, if at some point, you had been complicit in his deceit.”  At your explosive ‘What!’ he chuckles before adding, “I decided to push doubts aside and still ask you to head up the agency. So, imagine my surprise in seeing Victor reinstated! However, in talking to you I realised you had a trusting naivety and needed to warn you. I doubted he had changed, but I had no evidence of his siphoning off sales, but you have.  As Manager there is only one course of action, which, if done in front of colleagues, will show them where you stand in such matters.”

It sounds harsh!  Next day you tell Judy to inform Victor that Mr Tuck’s coming into the agency that morning.  You watch Victor pacing by the window. When you call Victor into your office, he says he’s expecting a client. Judy pipes up, “I’ll let you know when Mr Tuck arrives.”  Indicating to Victor to sit, you ask if Mr Tuck has his business card and been offered a half price commission fee. As Victor blusters his way out of that Judy announces Mr Tuck’s arrival. Victor leaps to his feet, and rushes out of the office whereupon in seeing Victor, Mr Tuck immediately puts out his hand saying, “Good to see you again.”  Victor shakes it, you introduce yourself and remark loudly, “Mr Tuck am I right in thinking you’ve accepted Victor’s half price commission offer.” Heads turn, eyes widened, as happily, Mr Tuck reports, “Oh yes, he’s made the same offer to several elderly friends, and with three interested people in buying my house the price has risen by a thousand pounds.”  Victor looks pale under his fixed smile. You thank Mr Tuck for coming in, and ask Judy to take him into your office and make a note of his friends’ details.  Scowling, Victor glances around, before marching out the front door.  

Word: “And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8  (NIV)

Worship: “Oh Lord”  Lauren Daigle   4 mins

Key 37 – Justice