Joy bubbled up at the Lord’s guidance in dealing with Victor’s dishonesty. You hadn’t needed to challenge, or be snarled up in a confrontation.  Victor didn’t return, but next morning an envelope was on the doormat and inside a brief letter with his resignation and expectancy of basic pay and commission.  After consulting the Lord you replied his salary was paid up to date, but all else he believes he is owed will be used to cover the shortfall of his half price deals.

Joy and thanksgiving came together at the next staff meeting when what could have caused staff rifts and dissention brought your colleagues to tell you how they appreciated you. When Judy said you were an encouraging and inspiring Manager who had taken agency to a new level of sales and success, everyone agreed. Heidi admitted to knowing what Victor was doing. Phil confessed to aiding and abetting Victor over several years and begged to keep his job while offering to pay back the lost Agency commission.  In knowing how easily wrong choices can be made, you thanked him for his honesty, and added as a good salesman and with his expectancy of large commissions he should be able to pay that back over the next few months. His relief was evident by his profuse thanks. In pointing out every Agency has its up and downs, you added that while recognising their hard work and the extra hours they were putting in, it would be wise in this profitable season, to put aside a nest egg on which to fall back on.

Joy filled you when several weeks later you saw Debbie, Victor’s wife in the High Street, and she waved at you in a friendly manner.  Excited, she told you with Victor’s short-term contract having ended, and a friend interested in buying their house, Victor had agreed to move nearer to her parents.  As property there was cheaper he was going to rent a shop and start his own Estate Agents.  Another answer to prayer as you had asked, for Debbie’s sake, something good would come out Victor’s deceit. Added to which Mr Tuck had quickly sold his house and purchased one of the new one-bedroom bungalows Mr Chandler specifically built for the elderly. Many of Mr Tuck’s friends were now selling homes in order to join him.

Word: “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness, therefore God, your god, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.”  Hebrews 1:9 (NIV)

Worship: “Beloved”  Faith Harvest Church   6 mins

Key 38 – Joy